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IHEA-USA Firearm Fundamentals Course

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Who should take a Firearms Fundamentals course?

Any new firearm owner who wants to get a solid footing on safe gun handling and storage is a perfect fit for this course.

We’ve learned through teaching hunter education that a strong safety training foundation is the key to preventing firearm incidents. No matter how you plan to use your gun, whether it’s for self-defense or target shooting, proper training that develops solid knowledge of operation, safe storage techniques at home, and correct use on the range will give you the confidence to use your firearm in a variety of situations.

In these courses, you will learn about:

  • Firearm safety rules
  • Firearm owner responsibilities
  • Safety in the home
  • Firearm storage (locks and safes) and transportation
  • Ammunition basics and storage
  • Range safety etiquette and equipment
  • Firearm care and cleaning
  • Firearm use in fun, safe environments