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Rimfire ammunition

Bullets used in handgun cartridges come in various designs, sizes and weights.

  • It’s critical to select the correct cartridge for your handgun. Carefully compare the barrel stamp on the firearm against the description on the ammunition box and the stamp on each cartridge.
  • The bullet usually is made of lead and may have a jacket made of copper, brass, or another metal. Bullets used for target shooting usually have solid points that make smaller holes.

Common Types of Handgun Bullets

  • Roundnose Lead: Good penetration, little expansion
  • Full Metal Jacket: High penetration, no expansion
  • Semi-Wad Cutter: Balances penetration and expansion
  • Hollowpoint: Designed for high expansion on impact
  • Wad Cutter: Flat-ended, used for target shooting; creates clean hole in paper
Handgun ammunition types
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