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The first rule of Firearm Fundamentals is to practice safe handling of any firearm you are around. The second rule is to practice proper and safe handling of your firearm(s) to become proficient using it.

Range officer offering instruction

Photo by CAHSS

Practice builds familiarity and comfort using your firearm and supports disciplined and safe use of the firearm. Practice also builds confidence using your firearm in a safe manner while learning how to shoot accurately. Importantly, find a mentor or qualified range staff to fine tune your shooting skills to the point you are confident shooting your firearm and hitting what you are aiming at.

Shooting frequently is important to maintain proficiency and proper technique and accuracy. This is especially true if you have more than one firearm. Competitive shooters typically have a scheduled time to practice so they can maintain the skills they have learned. Finding a local range with qualified instructors can help you improve your safety and proficiency for your firearm. Learning proper shooting technique can enable shooters to not develop bad habits. One of the responsibilities is to become good at utilizing your tools, which means proper practice and continuing practice. You will become recognized as an expert only by repetition; that is practice, practice, practice!

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