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Visually, red dot and holographic sights serve the same purpose. They allow you to focus a red dot on your target rather than aligning your sights with the target. Both use electronics to create the red dot for sighting.

  • Dot Sight: A red dot sight uses an LED emitter that sends the beam of light toward the front glass of the sight, which is coated so that the beam or dot is reflected back to your eyes. This sight uses much less battery than a holographic sight.
  • Holographic Sight: This sight uses a laser and mirrors to send a hologram to your eye.

As a beginner shooter, red dot sights can enhance your training because you can see the dot moving if you are pulling the firearm off target with your trigger finger. That being said, always be proficient with your iron sights as well. That way if your red dot fails, you can still effectively operate your handgun.

Lena Miculek in competitive actively shooting

Photo by SIG SAUER

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