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The basic fundamental of good marksmanship is practice, practice, practice! Your stance should be relaxed and comfortable. Your feet should be firmly on the ground and about shoulder-width apart. Your lead foot is slightly ahead of your trailing foot (lead foot for a right hander is the left foot) and the front knee should be slightly bent, while your back leg is straight. This allows for proper balance and the ability to move and follow the target. Hold your shotgun with the barrel up and forward. The trigger hand is on the grip of the stock, and the other hand is about midway along the forearm—both hands should have a firm grip on the shotgun. Shoot with both eyes open and looking for the target, and as the target appears, swing the shotgun and your body as one while lifting the shotgun into the pocket of your shoulder and assume a safe, consistent firing position. Place your cheek firmly against the stock. Bring trigger elbow into horizontal position about level with the shoulders.

Note: Sighting a shotgun is more like pointing with a finger at the target instead of lining up sights.

Person wearing hat and shooting vest and shooting a shotgun

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