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Responsible firearm owners and users practice regularly to increase their abilities to become proficient and improve safety skills. Target practice is a basic activity to become better at using your firearm and is a great beginning to acquiring the skills for hunting or competition shooting. Target shooting is enjoyed by many gun owners. It is an activity that can improve shooting skills, provide competition among like-minded shooters, and foster friendships that can last a lifetime.

There are various disciplines for target shooters such as skeet, trap, and sporting clays for shotgun shooters. The clay target sports can be a lot of fun because you are shooting at responsive targets in an action-filled and ever-changing environment. They also are great training for shooters that are thinking about taking up bird hunting. No matter your passion, practicing with your shotgun is a LOT of fun, so reach out to your local trap, skeet, or sporting clays range and try something new with your shotgun.

Group of people shooting clays in a field

Target shooting can be practiced anywhere that there is a safe zone in which to shoot.

Photo by NSSF

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