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A Cleaning Kit for Firearms

Follow the instructions in your cleaning kit.

  • Use a cloth and cleaning solvent to remove dirt, gunpowder residue, skin oils, and moisture from the action and all other metal parts of the firearm.
  • If possible, clean the barrel from the breech end, using a bore guide and a cleaning rod holding a bore brush or patch wetted with solvent. Pass the brush/patch all the way through the barrel. Repeat several times with fresh patches. You may need a larger brush for the chamber.
  • Use a hand brush to clean the crevices where powder residue accumulates.
  • Follow with a dry patch, and finish with a lightly oiled patch for the barrel. Use cloth for other parts.
  • Apply a coating of gun oil to protect the firearm from rust.

Use a flexible “pull-through” cleaning cable when cleaning firearms with lever or semi-automatic actions to prevent dirt, grime, or debris from being pushed into the action area.

Clean your ammunition by wiping it with a cleaning cloth. If the ammunition is not clean, particles of sand or dirt can scratch the bore.

Use cleaning solvents in a well-ventilated area and only as directed.

If cleaning from the muzzle end, use a muzzle protector so that you don’t damage the rifling near the muzzle.

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