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Finding a local range can be managed by an Internet search of public ranges located near you. There are several shooting sports foundations that offer sites with a list of local ranges. You can contact your state department of natural resources (DNR), wildlife and recreation department, federal fish and wildlife department, or public ranges available near you. You may want to enquire if the range is staffed or not. New shooters will likely benefit in choosing a range that has a range officer or manager to provide input and advice. Be sure to understand that firearms permitted at some ranges will not allow certain calibers or firearm types. Public ranges often include a small fee. Private ranges often include a range safety officer.

New ranges are opening all the time, and range improvements are often a focus of your state wildlife agency. Hunter education programs and instructors are great resources to find shooting ranges as well as safety and other information. Place or person where you purchased your firearm from is a good start. Here are some of the other resources:

  • Visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website to find a range in your state.
  • Look for landowners who might let you use their property for a range shooting area.
    • Show respect for the landowner by picking up your brass and ensuring all trash is taken out with you.
    • Go with a friend/mentor to other properties.
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